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teeth whitening in ottawa

Teeth Whitening In Ottawa

Everyone experiences tooth discolouration at some point in their lives. Luckily, in most cases, tooth discoloration is reversible thanks to dental procedures such as teeth whitening. Some factors that cause this discolouration of our teeth include:

Certain foods and drinks, including coffee, tea, wine, and certain fruits & vegetables

Use of tobacco products

Bad oral hygiene

Time and genetics (over time, teeth tend to discolour naturally as the enamel wears out)

Here are some of the benefits of teeth whitening:

  • Improves the appearance of the smile: Teeth whitening can help to improve the appearance of the smile and make it look brighter and whiter.
  • Boosts confidence: A whiter smile can help to boost confidence and make you feel more comfortable in social situations.
  • Is non-invasive: Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any surgery or anesthesia.
  • Is relatively affordable: Teeth whitening is a relatively affordable cosmetic dental procedure.


Mersal Dental Teeth Whitening Near You

Mersal Dental offers teeth whitening services in Ottawa. Our team of experienced and qualified dentists are experts in teeth whitening and can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

We offer a variety of teeth whitening options to meet your individual needs and goals. We can perform in-office teeth whitening, which is a quick and effective way to whiten your teeth in one visit. We also offer take-home teeth whitening kits, which allow you to whiten your teeth at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

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